Tuesday, 23 January, 2007


Hmmm... seems blogging virus has infected me. And here I am with my first bbbbllloog! With this blog I think I have joined millions and millions and mili… ok am stopping here bloggers around the world.

Oh my GOD, I have completely forgotten to introduce myself. This guy’s name is ….. wait let me think whether there will be any threat to my identity or not hmmmmmmmm???. Fine, not so concerned about IDENTITY THEFT so let me reveal my name Anindya Sadhu. I am from a middle-class family. We have a house in Kolkata in one the Left (political party) ruled state of West Bengal, India. I am 19yrs old. Turned 19 on 21st of Jan. I am told by my grandma that our house was the third one to be built in that region. At that time foxes used to haul in that region and BRITISH used to rule our motherland. It was built by my great grandfather. So please allow me to call it our ancestral house.

Now please learn something about me! I studied in a K.G school near our house. I changed my school in class 1 and went to a reputed school in that area, Cossipore English Medium School. I studied there upto class five(5). And no I didn’t leave my studies there. I was too naughty in those younger days(I mean years.) So after taking my consent and gathering initial information about a convent school in Darjeeling(in British ruled days this place was their summer capital of India) my dad, a maternal uncle and I went to visit the place. I liked it at once and made up my mind that I am staying here. I was admitted in Little Flower School. But I didn’t stay there. Because it was a so called spot survey with positive feedback from me. I came back and my dad made the necessary arrangements and off I went again. This time to stay there. Yes I was going to stay in a hostel. I was really excited with the idea that I would be staying completely on my own. I never really cried unlike other students of that age(or even older).

After studying there upto std ten (10) came back to Kolkata. Got admission in St. Thomas Boys` School Kidderpore for plus two studies. This school was the first english medium school in India and was built by the British.

Right now I am pursuing BCA from a reputed university. I am always fascinated by technological or electronic gadgets and computers. So trying to make a career in this field. I will try to continue my studies as far as possible.

Now u readers got to do a favour for me. Surprised? Please don’t be. I will just request you to please leave a comment on this post to let me know how badly this post was written (or in that case how nicely). A critical view will be most appreciated! My next post will be centered on my school days activities. But bye for now.


Ashok said...

Good start, and good post. Nice introduction. Looking for some more good posts. You did not mention what will be the focus of your articles.

tanmoy said...

Keep on.Its a great one. Now please start a new topic to discuss with.

Dinkar said...

yeah good blog ...but too many pleases ...cut down their number

Goanchu said...

Nice Post!!

Goanchu said...

Good post!